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XYZTCG Tutorial 1: How to play

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XYZTCG Tutorial 1: How to play

Post by 1337potato on Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:23 am

Do you want to know how to play the XYZTCG?
Follow these steps...

1. To start a game, choose the 6 (or less) cards you are going to use. (You may use up to 3 character cards)

2. Each player chooses a technique from all of their character cards, I will calculate the statistics.

3. Repeat step 2 until all of one player's cards' HP are 0.

What does the card mean!?

This is a character card:

Example card 1 - This is the card's name, it has no effect on anything.
10 HP - The health of the card, when it reaches 0 the card is out of play.
5 MP - The MP of the card, it is necessary for some techniques to be used.
2 SP - The speed of the card, this determines the order of which damage is calculated.
Common - The rarity of the card, use as a guide for the value of the card.
X Example - The series of the card, used for some effect cards and to tell which set the cards are from.
No image! - The image of the card, these are made to increase the cards' awesomeness.
ect. - The card description, these are usually filled with fun facts.
01 - The card's serial number.

What is that box under the image?

This box contains the card's technique list, this is what the following words mean:
Punch - Name if the technique.
2 DMG - The damage the technique deals (Not to be confused with ZOMG).
0 MP - The MP required to use the technique.
Nothing - The technique's special effect.

This is an effect card:

Everything is the same but the absence of HP, MP and SP. It also has an effect, they are usually more useful.

...and that's all you need to know to start playing the XYZTCG!

Join the XYZRPG. Seriously.

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